‘Akhand Yoga’ on the agenda priorities of upcoming G20 summit

Aligarh: The Department of Physical Education at Aligarh Muslim University has organized the first ‘Akhand Yoga’ session under the Multilateral Institutions for the 21st century, which is one of the agenda priorities of the upcoming G20 summit.

According to Professor Syed Tariq Murtaza, chairman, the department has been hosting an Akhand Yoga session for the past ten months without a break. This week, the department organized a session with Gilly Burn from the Oxford University of the UK, who led the session with her vast knowledge and experience in yoga. Burn is a pioneer Palliative Care Ambassador of the UK in India.

The department has arranged all necessary facilities the arrangements for the yoga sessions, which have been highly successful in promoting a healthy lifestyle among the participants, said Prof Murtaza.

Participants have reported significant improvements in their physical and mental health during the one-year-long Akhand Yoga session. The session will continue until 21 June. The Department's initiative to promote health and wellness among the university community and more programs are in line with the G20 summit.

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