Lecture held on Breast Reduction Surgery

Aligarh: The Department of Plastic Surgery in JN Medical College at Aligarh Muslim University organized a lecture by Dr Neha Chauhan of Bengaluru’s Fortis Hospital on ‘Breast Reduction Surgery’, while Dr Fahud Khurram, Chairman of the department, Dr Neha and Dr Sarfaraz conducted a live operative workshop.

Dr Chauhan, a luminary in the realm of plastic surgery and an alumnus of JN Medical College, highlighted the physical and psychological challenges faced by individuals with disproportionately large breasts. Beyond the aesthetic concerns, she shed light on the debilitating pain, discomfort, and functional limitations that often accompany macromastia, compelling many individuals to seek surgical intervention for relief and improved quality of life.

Prof Imran Ahmad also provided valuable insights into the pivotal role that breast reduction surgery plays in addressing the challenges faced by patients grappling with breast enlargement.

Earlier, welcoming the guest speaker, Dr Fahud Khurram introduced Dr Chauhan and described her journey from her formative years as a medical student to her current standing as a beacon of excellence in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Dr Khurram and Dr Sarfaraz, alongside Dr Chauhan, demonstrated the intricacies of breast reduction surgery and shared their insights into the meticulous surgical techniques with patient safety, aesthetic outcomes, and holistic care.

Dr Noha Rehman extended a vote of thanks.

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