Conference on Population Dynamics held in AMU

Aligarh: Marking a century since the inception of the Department of Geography at Aligarh Muslim University, a two-day National Conference titled "Population Dynamics, Development, and Environment: Problems and Prospects" was convened at Kennedy Auditorium.

Prof DP Singh, an eminent geographer and Director of IEARD, delivered a keynote speech underscoring the Department of Geography's pivotal role amidst the rapid development of the 20th century, particularly in rural development.

Prof Singh emphasised the significance of addressing population growth, stressing the importance of not only making land agriculturally viable but also catering to the needs of the expanding populace. He lauded the substantial contributions of the Department of Geography in advancing and disseminating geographical knowledge, with its students achieving recognition both nationally and internationally.

Prof Salauddin Qureshi, President of the National Association of Geographers of India, along with Professor Qamrul Hasan Ansari, the Dean of the Faculty of Science, and Prof Nizamuddin Khan, among others, acknowledged the department's services, highlighting its significant contributions to geography and innovative research endeavours.

Professor Jabir Hasan Khan, Head of the Department of Geography, outlined the department's achievements and services in his opening remarks, tracing its establishment in 1924 and its influential role since then, even earning the moniker "Mecca of Geography" from British geographers during Dudley Stamp's visit in the 1930s.

Dr Nigar Alam Siddiqui provided insights into the department's history and notable milestones, emphasising its status as a leading department at AMU.

Retired Professors, including Prof Abdul Munir, Prof Hifzurehman, Prof Salahuddin Qureshi, Prof Fakhruddin, Prof Waseem Ashraf, and Prof Jamshed, were honoured during special sessions conducted by Dr Mansoor Alam Siddiqui from Abdullah Women's College.

Dr Firoz Ahmad from Women's College highlighted the Department of Geography's role in understanding land use and agricultural geography, advocating for its establishment in other educational institutions across India.

The conference featured 15 technical sessions where distinguished geographers presented research papers on various subjects. Faculty members and research scholars from the Geography Department, including Prof Shahab Fazal, Prof Atiq Ahmad, Prof Rashid Aziz Faridi, Prof Nizamuddin Khan, Dr Shamsad, Dr Kauser Shamim, Dr Mansoor Alam Siddiqui, Dr Saleha Jamal, and Dr Mashkur, participated along with specially invited students from Women's College.

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