Acid attack survivors reopen their ‘Sheroes cafe’ in Agra

Agra: Sheroes Hangout Café in Agra has been reopened. These Cafes, in Agra and Lucknow, which were run completely by acid attack survivors, were halted, and the Agra café has not been operational for the last two years.

The Sheroes Hangout Cafe, Agra was launched on 10th December 2014. Through this initiative, the Chhanv Foundation has been successful in bringing breakthrough changes in the lives of survivors through the assistance of the café model, as it is the backbone of the foundation.

The cafe not only gives survivors employment but also acts as a platform to raise awareness about acid attacks and in taking this issue to an international level through the tourism that the cafe attracts.

The cafe is based on the module which helps survivors in rehabilitation and empowers them with the platform from which they can raise their voices. It has a different revenue module i.e. ‘pay as you wish’ concept, and contributes towards bringing people together for a noble cause. These Cafes attract tourists from all over the world so that they can visit Sheroes Hangout Café and interact with survivors, appreciating their world of courage and strength.

The pandemic has brought about huge challenges for the survivors, as their main source of revenue was the cafe, which was shut. It was mainly dependent on the attention it received from the tourists. The challenges were just not about the general expenses, it was about the medical treatment which came to a halt with the closing of the cafe. The opening of the cafe is very crucial for all the survivors associated with the Chhanv foundation.

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