Workshop to enhance handcrafted jewellery-making skills held

Aligarh: The Centre for Skill Development and Career Planning in Women’s College at Aligarh Muslim University organized a 2-days workshop on Handcrafted Jewellery Making Skills.

26 students from the different courses participated in the workshop and prepared the artificial jewellery that is in trend and allows more customization. Participants prepared handcrafted bracelets, necklaces and earrings using felt fabric, beads, pearls, threads, satin ribbons etc. and with hand embroidery.

Adiba Saleem and Sanower, the Guest Instructors at the Centre, served as the trainers of the workshop. Prof. Naima Khatoon, Director of the Centre, encouraged the students to prepare these types of trendy jewellery and ornaments for exhibiting their craftsmanship and self-earning.

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