Talk held on ‘Brand Storytelling in the Age of AI’

Aligarh: The Alumni Relations Committee, Department of Business Administration at Aligarh Muslim University organized a talk on “Brand Storytelling in the Age of AI” under its Talk Series 2.0, which was delivered by SAM Husaini, President and Chief Strategy Officer at Procrealligence, and an alumnus of the department.

Husaini emphasized the role of Artificial Intelligence in automation, adding that it could never replace human compassion. Highlighting the gift of choice and creativity bestowed upon humans and their decision to cede it to technology like ChatGPT, QuillBot, and Midjourney, he addressed the moral dilemma that haunts people after the astounding development of AI.

Husaini elaborated on the influence of AI on brand storytelling, citing examples like the Samsung vacuum cleaner, and said the essence of storytelling is its power to create community bonds. He stressed the relevance of a hero's journey and the significance of the 3Cs in any story – Conflict, Character, and Climax. He urged the students to make their stories unique and harness the power of hard work to achieve greatness.

The faculty advisor of the Alumni Relations Committee Prof. Ayesha Farooq introduced the theme to the audience and underlined the significance of the brand image, citing Jeff Bezos as its prime example. She said that "best brands are built on great stories”. She also raised the issue of ethical concerns and transparency while using AI.

Prof. Javaid Akhter introduced Husaini as a brand ambassador of the department. He said Husaini specializes in Strategic Business Planning, New Business Development, Market Research and Insight Mining, Brand Creation, and Positioning.

Prof. Parvaiz Talib discussed the key takeaways while Abu Bakar Khan, a final year MBA student extended a vote of thanks. Ayesha Shamsi conducted the programme.

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