People have to manage Diabetes by adopting good food habits

Aligarh: The Centre of Continuing and Adult Education and Extension at Aligarh Muslim University, in collaboration with an NGO, “SOCH, Beyond the Imagination” organized an awareness programme on Diabetes with the diabetes educator, Madeeha as a resource person.

She highlighted the types of diabetes and discussed the causes, impact and remedies of diabetes in patients of various age groups, belonging to various socio-economic backgrounds. She said diabetes is not reversible and people have to manage it by adopting good food habits. They should not take food after sunset and take a long walk with at least 2000 to 25000 steps for a healthy life.

Madeeha emphasized that if someone develops mild symptoms of diabetes, it may be due to his or her hormonal imbalance and need not panic as the pre-diabetes conditions are reversible. She however urged such people to do regular monitoring of their health to check for aggravation in disease.

She said that if someone feels thirsty constantly, sweats too much, or loses weight drastically, then it is almost confirmed that he or she has become diabetic. It may however be Type 1 diabetes and the patient should consult a doctor on priority.

Earlier, Dr Shamim Akhtar welcomed the guest speaker and emphasized the need for all to keep monitoring their health index for a possible diabetic occurrence.

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