Mother elephant succumbs but baby elephant survives

Agra: In a tragic accident, a speeding train mowed down a mother elephant and her baby in Uttarakhand, near the Corbett National Park.

The mother was killed on impact while the baby elephant was thrown off the tracks and landed in a field below the elevated train track and had a miraculous escape!

The baby elephant now named “Bani” meaning mother Earth, survived the accident but suffered injuries on her spine and hip joints.

Uttarakhand Forest Department officials and Wildlife SOS provided medical care to the baby elephant before the elephant calf was transferred to the Elephant Hospital in Mathura for urgent critical care.

Sadly, the mother died on impact, her carcass on the railway tracks, leaving a trail of blood and a very sad tale of the rising conflict and intolerance towards wildlife. The baby elephant, orphaned and thrown into a low-lying field, was found by the forest officials.

Dr. Ilayaraja S, Deputy Director of Veterinary Services at Wildlife SOS, said that there is an infected wound in the baby elephant’s groin area, which is being treated presently. Initially, it was suspected of a spinal injury, but the movement in her tail, digestion, and normal body functions indicate that her body is responding to treatment.

Train collisions kill thousands of animals each year. Advancements in technology exist that can now detect and alert trains of elephants crossing. Elephant deaths from trains are preventable. As per official records, nearly 200 elephants were killed in train collisions between 2010 and 2020, bringing the average to about 20 elephants each year.

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