Former resident gets recognition for Diabetic Retinopathy research

Aligarh: Former Resident Dr Pragya Ahuja, MS Ophthalmology, has achieved national recognition by securing third place for her thesis titled ‘A Study on Candidate Gene Polymorphism in Patients of Diabetic Retinopathy in the Indian Population’.

The accolade was bestowed upon her at the All India Ophthalmology Conference held in Kolkata from March 14-17th. Dr Ahuja conducted this research during her residency at JNMCH from June 2020-23. Her thesis sheds light on the critical role of genetics in understanding diabetic retinopathy among the Indian populace.

Prof AK Amitava, Chairman, the Department of Ophthalmology at JNMC, said this achievement was made possible through collaborative efforts, with guidance from Prof Abdul Waris of the Institute of Ophthalmology and Prof Sheelu Shafiq Siddiqi of the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology, who provided invaluable mentorship and resources.

Reflecting on her accomplishments, Dr Pragya conveyed appreciation to Aligarh Muslim University, Prof Waris and Prof Siddiqui, for their ideas and mentorship, which significantly aided her success.

Prof Waris said Ahuja's achievement will inspire others in the field of ophthalmology and academia to pursue innovative research to enhance patient care.

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