AMU to foster partnerships with Taiwanese universities

Aligarh: AMU would work towards fostering collaborative partnerships with Taiwanese universities, aligning with the National Education Policy, and anticipated tangible progress in educational cooperation shortly.

On February 3, during their visit to Aligarh Muslim University, Prof. Li-Wei Chen, Vice President for International Affairs at National Formosa University of Taiwan, and Peters Chen, Assistant Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Center, received a warm welcome.

In a meeting with Prof. Mohammad Gulrez, the Vice Chancellor of AMU, Prof. Li-Wei Chen and Peters Chen expressed their gratitude.

The delegation was greeted by Prof. Muhammad Azhar, the Dean of the Faculty of International Studies, Prof. Rakshnada F. Fazli of the Department of West Asian Studies and North African Studies, and Md. Yasin, Assistant Professor of Chinese, Department of Foreign Languages.

Peters Chen administered the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language for Taiwanese scholarships. Fifteen students from the Department of Foreign Languages participated in the test.

In discussions with the Faculty of Management Studies and Research, Prof. Chen outlined opportunities for Indian students at National Formosa University. Prof. Jamal A. Farooquie, Chairman of the Department of Business Administration, expressed interest in joint projects and student exchange programs.

Prof. Chen also engaged with senior faculty and chairpersons of Mechanical Engineering and Electronics Engineering departments. Prof. Mohammad Altamush Siddiqui, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, and others expressed interest in collaborative initiatives. The possibility of a Memorandum of Understanding regarding educational cooperation will be explored in the coming days.

Md Yasin, the event organizer, remarked, “This is a first-of-its-kind experience for our Chinese language students since the inception of the department.

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